May 27, 2024

How To Design a Memorable Jobs Page. Jobs Page Design Inspiration

Hiring is the key element of a successful business. But finding and attracting the best talent is not easy. So it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd. And one obvious instrument is the company’s jobs page.

The best jobs page varies depending on the company – their personality (team culture, the work they do, etc.) will inform the ideal concept and design of their jobs page. For a good example, let’s look at a small provincial company – Toggl – that tripled its team in three years. And during that time, the previously local team has spread across 6 different continents. Now they work remotely and hire globally with a self-invented “Test-First” processSo let’s look at their jobs page and figure out how it works for them.

An outstanding design.

jobs page design

The design for the jobs site is a little different to the main one. It has a distinctive layout and uncluttered look, which creates a feeling that they have made a real effort to impress job-seekers.

A relevant video.

The page has a video that highlights one of their strongest cultural aspects – remote work. And they deliver this message through their employees, making its message even more powerful and likely to resonate with potential candidates. Nothing is more powerful that seeing your potential colleagues raving about why it is a great place to work.

A small note – the video starts playing automatically on the background, increasing the possibility that someone actually watches it.

To-the-point job descriptions.

Toggl writes short and on fitting job descriptions. Job-seekers have limited time. They aren’t interested in reading through text that every other company is using, too.

No stock photos. Only real people.  

It’s also worth mentioning that Toggl uses pictures of the employees whose team is looking for an additional member. Knowing who you could be working with can be an emotional factor, encouraging people to apply for a job.

A unique approach.

Toggl starts recruiting process by checking candidates’ skills right away with simple but catchy tests, built with Hundred5. This way they can focus only on the best, and avoid wasting time on separating fortune-seekers from skilled candidates.

Also, getting people’s attention with a quick challenge lowers the application barriers and engages a greater number of candidates to pick from. Even people who are not really looking for a new job.

Using such a playful method for applying, is a great way to keep job seekers engaged on your site, and – most importantly – induce them to apply. It also leaves a positive experience, which will encourage seekers to re-apply in the future, guide others to apply, and even patronize your company as a customer.

A smart page structure.

Each position has its own page with a unique URL. And the job title is in it, which makes it easy for Google and other search engines to index it generating more hires.

However, they aim mostly to amplify the network effect. So they run social media campaigns with the help of the entire team and fanbase. And so far it has worked quite well.


Today, it’s no longer good enough to just list your jobs and passively wait for something big to happen. The best people who you really would want to hire are most likely occupied and they rarely browse job boards. So, it’s crucial for companies to invest in new ways to approach talent.


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