July 19, 2024

Design Matters 2015 Conference in Denmark’s Capital

The design industry has been rocked by some amazing conferences and we can expect a whole bunch of incredible events gathering in Q4 of 2015.

Design Matters is a digital design conference hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark that runs for the last two days of September. It includes a full schedule of speakers and breaks for networking with other attendees.

Much like other design events, the purpose is to learn but also to share ideas with others. It can be fun to strike up a discourse on related subjects and compare notes with other designers.

Design Matters 2015 website

The list of speakers is rather extraordinary featuring companies from all around the world.

  • Christopher Monnier of Airbnb
  • Stanley Wood of Spotify
  • Eric Muntz of MailChimp
  • Peter Gregersen of MobilePay
  • Peng Cheng of PausAble
  • and a whole bunch more!

All single-day passes have already sold out but you can still order a pass for the full 2-day event from the registration page.

If you’re unable to make it but want to keep up on conference news you can visit the Design Matters Facebook page with links and related photos of the event.


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