June 18, 2024

DjangoCon 2015 kicks off September 6-11 in Austin, TX

This year’s DjangoCon 2015 US conference is just around the corner and is scheduled to begin September 6th.

The event runs all week long from Sunday the 6th to Friday the 11th. It’ll be held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center located in Austin, Texas.

DjangoCon 2015 homepage

For the unfamiliar & uninitiated, DjangoCon is to Django what WordCamp is to WordPress – a regular meetup of enthusiasts, users, developers, and anyone with an interest in Django.

The event spans 6 full days and this is what the schedule looks like:

  • September 06: Tutorials
  • September 07-09: Conference Talks
  • September 10-11: Sprints

A few high points of the event include a keynote by Lynn Root, Database Design by Andrew Godwin, and a technical overview of Django deployments by Peter Baumgartner. Of course there are dozens more talks & code-offs that would be too lengthy to list in full.

But you can see the full scheduled right on the DjangoCon website.

If you develop apps using Django, or wish learn more & meet people who already use Django on a regular basis, then DjangoCon is the best event to attend. While there will be intermediate-to-advanced presentations there are also many novice-level talks for beginners. There’s a lot to learn, and 6 days surrounded by experts will be more than enough time for a jump start!

This year’s DjangoCon will also feature the first ever Microsoft Azure Code Challenge. Also, while proposals for presentations and calls for papers are already closed, you can still volunteer to be a session coordinator or helper at DjangoCon.

This means you won’t be able to attend most sessions BUT tutorials and other events are still open.

You can register here and find out the current rates for admittance.

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