July 17, 2024

Don’t settle for a less-than-perfect portfolio builder – Here are the top 5 to choose from

Back in the days, building a new website used to be quite a long and complicated process. You had to have a complete understanding of HTML and CSS. You also needed to up a lot of time and effort into designing every single page.

Luckily, it is not the case anymore.

If you are an artist or a designer, you need the best way possible to show off your work. And what is the better place to do that than the Internet?

However, most artists don’t really know much about coding. Same goes for building a portfolio website from scratch. The good news is – there is no need for you to do that anymore.

All you need to present your work through an online portfolio is a good website builder. A site like that will allow you to put your best work on display for potential clients just with a few simple clicks.


  1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder is the #1 WordPress page builder for creating stunning websites without any coding. Not only will you be able to build everything, but you will also get to do it free of charge!

Elementor is the first completely free and open source frontend page builder. In addition to that, it is also very simple and easy to use.

One of the first things you’ll notice with Elementor is how fast it is! If the instant reaction is what you are looking for, you will not find a better website builder than this one. From the instant live edit to the instant page load, Elementor’s speed is what makes it truly stand out from the competition.

In addition to that, it works with any template (including the 130 designer-made templates it comes with), and it also works with any theme.

And even though there is no coding involved while you build your portfolio website, the page code is compact and optimized for every screen and every device.

It also offers some advanced features including

  • Form Integrations
  • Reusable Templates
  • Custom CSS
  • Menu Builder
  • Visual Form Builder
  • Form Integrations
  1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder is a free offline app perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with the coding process.

What makes this website builder stand out from the competition is how user-friendly and easy to use it is. It is also mobile-friendly while not being tied to any platform.

You will get over 1,200 cool templates and website blocks (some of them free, some premium), as well as over 7,000 icons, 850 Google fonts, and 500,000 free images.

Creating a website has never been easier and here is how it works with Mobirise:

  • Step 1 – Drag blocks to a page
  • Step 2 – Edit and style inline
  • Step 3 – Set block parameters
  • Step 4 – Preview and Publish

Mobirise is also free for the commercial use so you can use it both for your clients as well as for yourself.


  1. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is an online portfolio tool designed specifically for artists, photographers, designers, and other creative professionals who want to put their best work on display.

This website builder is not theme-based, there is no coding knowledge required, and it is very user-friendly and simple.

Here are some of the most important features:

  • Create and edit any type of content
  • Build it all in your web browser
  • No coding
  • Included web hosting
  • Included free domain
  • Design/templates/layout
  • Mobile-friendly

With Portfoliobox, you can also easily set up your e-commerce store that is seamlessly integrated into your site.

There are 2 types of plans available – free and pro. Check out the features of each to determine which one best fits your needs. If you are a student, make sure to get the advantages of a student account.

  1. SITE123

SITE123 is a completely free website builder that comes with a variety of cool features, such as:

  • Intuitive and easy interface
  • Free hosting
  • SEO tools
  • Custom domains
  • Website editor
  • Mobile friendly
  • Online Store

All it takes to build a website are 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select your website type and upload the content

Step 2: Publish your site online

Step 3: Optimize your SEO

Building your very own website has never been simpler.


  1. Pixpa

Pixpa is a simple yet powerful, drag-and-drop website builder for creating portfolio websites with no required coding knowledge.

You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful themes and templates, connect your domain name, and create a mobile-friendly website in a matter of moments.

You can also start your e-commerce store and manage products and inventory as well as discounts and shipping.

Another good news is that you can get a 15-day free trial period before choosing your subscription plan.

Why Do I Need an Online Portfolio?

You have probably asked yourself this question a number of times before. The truth is, every professional can benefit from having an online portfolio.

Check out the reasons why having a portfolio website is important.


  1. Increased visibility

Having an online portfolio is all about getting your name out there. When it comes to marketing, there is no such thing as “too much” of it.

Are you looking for potential clients? Then things like your resume, cover letter, networking, and online portfolio are crucial. They can help you to grab the clients’ attention.

Keep in mind that the competition on the job market is vicious. So, you should use every possible tool to your advantage if you want to stand out.


  1. Organization

Have your professional documents and information well organized. It can be really helpful during your job search. If all that information is stored in one place, it will be much easier to get the client’s attention.

Also, think of it as a safe copy of your work in case something happens to the originals.


  1. Professional job applications

Your best work is the best way to market yourself. Having a professional portfolio goes way beyond just sending out simple resumes.



Every creative professional can benefit from having an online portfolio website. Luckily, building such a website is no longer a long, hard, and expensive process.

With the right website builder, you can design your own portfolio website to be exactly as you want it. You can do it in a matter of moments!

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