June 18, 2024

The Easy Guide to Making Money from Fonts and Designs

Earning money doing something you love has got to be the pinnacle of working life right?

If you have a design or craft following or know exactly where enthusiastic hobbyists and professionals hang out, you have an excellent opportunity to cash in on that in a few clicks of a button!

Introducing Share and Earn

share and earn

There are a few similar programs around, but none as in depth or intuitive as Share and Earn by Font Bundles. It’s taken an affiliate program and made it accessible to anybody, of any experience, with any size following. The best thing is they pay more than any similar programs out there, with 25% commission on ALL sales FOR LIFE.

The easy to use share buttons and tracking URL’s mean that in 1 click, you can be enjoying cash rewards for introducing people to the program. The best thing is, you don’t need to really do any selling. The products literally sell themselves, and with their range of premium FREE products, you can entice your audience with products they can try and use.

share and earn 2

The main highlights of the Share and Earn program are:

  • 25% sales for life commission (commission on every purchase a user makes for life)
  • Over 10,000 font and design products which can be shared at the click of a button
  • Payment within 1 hour!
  • Intelligent advanced statistics of where your visitors come from and what they buy
  • Email/Website creatives for any larger campaigns
  • Instant sign up and approval – no lengthy forms

It’s very easy to see why the program has been so popular with crafters and graphic designers, with some easily pulling in recurring 4 and 5 figure monthly sums for little work.

So if you are ready to earn some extra cash doing what you love, head on over and sign up to Share and Earn today!

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