July 19, 2024

Announcing Figma – A Collaborative Interface Design Tool

Figma launches the world’s first professional-grade, online tool created specifically for interface design. It’s a new way for teams to collaborate on web and app interface design projects entirely in the browser. Think the Google Docs of interface design.

Figma launchThe tool is aimed to challenge Adobe’s CC design software, which according to Figma is “Cloud in name only”. The software if presented as the only browser based alternative that truly understands collaboration and full cloud support. Its free preview program begins today and got to that stage with an investment of $14M. To preview the software sign up on the company’s wait list.

“For years software has been moving away from the operating system and into the cloud, where everything from simple word processing to advanced project management has become accessible online, and collaborative in real-time. But design software hasn’t caught up — it is offline and isolated,” – Dylan Field, co-founder and CEO of Figma.

Starting today, interested folks will be able to request immediate access at Figma.com. The product offers the speed and stability of legacy design programs like Adobe, but with the versatility and collaborative flexibility of apps like Google Docs.

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