May 23, 2024

Font Flame Marries Tinder Matching with Typography

Those who follow the rapidly growing(or decaying?) culture of dating in the western world should know about Tinder. It’s a “dating” app that allows you to pair up with people in your area.

After entering some info Tinder will do its best to pair you up with other nearby people on Tinder. You swipe left to reject, or swipe right to accept. Pretty simple concept.

Well all designers know that it’s tough(but necessary) to find a balanced composition. This often relies on many factors like color theory and white space. But typography matching also plays a large role.

Enter Font Flame, the online webapp for checking out combinations of fonts.

Font Flame webapp

It’s hard to say whether the site’s algorithm is meant to produce naturally-extravagant fonts, or just 2 random typefaces thrown together. But either way it’s an interesting concept that has recently gained notoriety among web & graphic designers.

You don’t actually need to know much about typography or styles to play with Font Flame. In fact, a newbie designer could learn a thing or two by working with this app! Granted you won’t get the same knowledge compared to spending your time reading “Thinking with Type”… but I supposed a Tinder knock-off can teach many of the same vital design lessons.

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website

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