June 20, 2024

Free Download: 100 Fun and Colorful Vector Icons

To celebrate the launch of its brand new website, Webdesigner News is providing WDL readers, a fantastic set of fun and colorful vector icons that you can use for personal and commercial uses.

To download, simply go to this page and enter your email address and the files will be sent directly to you by email.


And don’t forget to check out Webdesigner News for all the latest stories that matter to designers and developers. They cover a range of topics, from vanilla web design to code demos, from branding to brand new apps. If it matters to our industry you’ll find it there in bite sized chunks, that are fun and easy to read.

What makes them different from other design news sites is that it is curated by humans. They shortlist stories through social media response and then every single story is reviewed by industry experts.

So take a moment to check them out, we think it will save you hours every week, by bringing you the vital stories of the day, every day.



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