July 14, 2024

Front Porch Conf for Designers & Developers runs in Dallas, TX

A popular frontend development conference Front Porch runs again in 2015 opening for one day in Dallas, TX.

Front Porch is made for web designers and frontend developers that want to improve their skills while learning from talks and workshops. It’ll run from 9AM to 5PM on October 20th – be there early if you want to get a head start on the festivities!

Front Porch conference

The speakers list is fairly large with some big names like Amanda Cheung & Jonathan Snook.

Since it’s only a single-day conference there isn’t as much time as you’d get with a similar webdev conf. But if you’re within the area of Dallas and might want to take a day for some exclusive webdev lessons then grab a ticket!

To learn more visit the Front Porch YouTube channel for collections of recorded talks from past conference. You can also follow live updates on Twitter @FrontPorchIO.

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