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Thunder Plains Dev Conference on Nov 3rd in Oklahoma City

A single-day JavaScript & web development event named Thunder Plains will be held on November 3rd in Oklahoma City, OK. This is geared towards JavaScript programming and how it can apply to the web. While this is only a single-day event, the conference is guaranteed to be exciting and full of great info. Anyone in…

Front Porch Conf for Designers & Developers runs in Dallas, TX

A popular frontend development conference Front Porch runs again in 2015 opening for one day in Dallas, TX. Front Porch is made for web designers and frontend developers that want to improve their skills while learning from talks and workshops. It’ll run from 9AM to 5PM on October 20th – be there early if you…

HTML5 DevConf in sunny San Francisco Autumn 2015

A large gathering of web & software developers named HTML5DevConf runs from October 19th-23rd in San Francisco, CA. It’s meant to bring together folks with varying levels of knowledge together for sharing and learning. Here’s the conference’s brief summary copied from the official website: HTML5Devconf is the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and…

Frontend in Wonderland: 2 Days of Keynotes for Developers and Digital Creators

One of the lesser-known European conferences, From the Front ran its own Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom theme in 2014. Their 2014 conference had big names from companies like Mozilla and Clearleft. This year the conference still runs as a frontend development conf, but with a slightly-adjusted name of Frontend in Wonderland. This…

Zurb's Foundation 6 Private Release within the Month

The Zurb team has been working on the successor of Foundation 5.5 and recently put together a few ideas for public scrutiny. Zurb dev’s are looking for feedback regarding important updates, changes, or functions that should be added into Foundation.

26 Free Animation Tutorials for Web Developers

The phrase “animation” extends far beyond the shenanigans of Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote. Animation was originally used for cartoons and video production but over time has found its way onto the web.

The Benefits of SVG Images in Web Design

Retina screens and 1080p monitors are forcing the hand of modern web designers. Vector art has long been used for print work and logo design, but hasn’t always been accepted on the web. Now with so many tutorials and free tools like Inkscape it’s never been easier to learn vector design.

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