June 23, 2024

Thunder Plains Dev Conference on Nov 3rd in Oklahoma City

A single-day JavaScript & web development event named Thunder Plains will be held on November 3rd in Oklahoma City, OK. This is geared towards JavaScript programming and how it can apply to the web.

While this is only a single-day event, the conference is guaranteed to be exciting and full of great info. Anyone in the US who may be nearby should consider spending the Tuesday immersed in JS glory, if possible.

As pulled from the conference website:

Thunder Plainsis a web and mobile developer conference organized by the Oklahoma City Javascript User Group. The conference focuses on JavaScript and related technologies in a wide variety of different use cases and platforms that make the web all the more interesting.

Many guest speakers will be on location including Ashley Williams who’s giving quite the interesting keynote speech “If you wish to learn ES6/2015 from scratch, you must first invent the universe”.

While tickets are still available as of this writing, they’re likely to go fast so get them while you still can.

Folks who won’t be able to make it can stay on top of news by following the official Twitter account @ThunderPlains.

You can also watch videos from the 2014 conference completely free on YouTube.

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