July 19, 2024

UX Today catalogs one new UX link each day

UX Design is a rising industry with more jobs hiring all over the world. It seems to be the connection between frontend development & visual UI design work.

As this industry expands there’s likely to be a whole lot of content – especially with Medium and other prominent blogging platforms. So how can a UX designer keep up on the latest stuff?

UX Today is a website that catalogs UX design news with 1 new link each day. You can check the site for brand new links as they’re hand-curated by the people from uxdesign.cc.

On the UX Today homepage you’ll find a list of recent links along with a brief description of each one.

Designers can also submit links for approval into the system. In this way it’s also a user-powered content service with manual curation by hand.

If you want to subscribe via email then you’ll get a brand new UX design link delivered right to your inbox. It’s the perfect service for any serious UX designers, or anyone who just wants to know more about the UX industry.

UX Today

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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