April 23, 2024

Blokk Font simulates text for Mockups & Wireframes

Most designers know about Lorem Ipsum but that’s not always best for lo-fi wireframes. UI design often does need typography to fill in the gaps, however the typographic choices can put the brakes on an otherwise smooth creative process.

Instead consider trying BLOKK font for your next project. This is a free open source typeface that simulates rectangles for sentences. It’ll give the homogeneous appearance of neat lines and paragraphs with pixel-perfect spacing.

You can find a free download link on the Blokk Font website, or check out the GitHub repo for a Bower install method.

Blokk is perfect for any mockup program because it should be installed as a system font. Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, GIMP, anything that you use will recognize Blokk Font.

If you have the time then download a copy and install for yourself. It’ll really save time during those initial mockup phases on both personal & commercial projects.

BLOKK font

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