June 18, 2024

Zurb's Foundation 6 Private Release within the Month

The Zurb team has been working on the successor of Foundation 5.5 and recently put together a few ideas for public scrutiny. Zurb dev’s are looking for feedback regarding important updates, changes, or functions that should be added into Foundation.

In a recent blog post the team covered everything from prototyping to final production. In it there’s a lot of great information that really makes you think: for example, the average Foundation project has ~90% unused CSS code. That’s a lot of extra KB!

Zurb Foundation v6

The idea of simplifying yet improving the framework is tough. It requires a keen eye for recognizing things that work, and things that don’t.

With Foundation 6 we’re simplifying the setup process for our Sass version to allow users to get our CLI set up with far fewer dependencies than before. We’ll be handling errors much more intelligently, so that if users do run in to problems they’ll much more easily be guided towards a correct answer. Finally we’ll be offering not only the regular Sass version of Foundation, but a souped up stack complete with our own static site generator, live-reload server and tons of ways to better optimize your code with UNCSS and UglifyJS. This is the same stack we build at ZURB and are excited to use our experience to modify your process.

So when exactly can you expect to see Foundation 6?

As of now there is no set date. Many internal elements are still in development, testing & debugging.

However it seems the team will be releasing a private beta(or alpha?) release for certain individuals ideally by the end of September.

We’ll be pushing out a private release within the month and continuing to make iterations based on what we hear from the community.

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