July 15, 2024

FTPloy pushes changes right to GitHub or Butbucket

Whenever you’re building a new project it’s always recommended to stick with a version control system. Git is by far the most popular which is supported on both GitHub and Bitbucket.

These two services offer free accounts for developers, and are thus the most popular for open source code. But they can also be used for private projects with repos hosted in the cloud.

FTPloy is a way to manage your projects without traditional FTP clients. FTPloy allows you to push content directly through repositories and it’s all managed automatically.

Here’s a brief snippet from the website:

It’s time to say goodbye to your FTP client of old and embrace git deployment. Use GitHub or Bitbucket and deploy your projects whenever you push to your repository.

Naturally FTPloy has its own API system for programmers to write code on top of the system. You can setup an account for free and start building with no strings attached.

If you want to stay on top of FTPloy news & releases you can follow their official Twitter account @FTPloy

FTPloy site

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