June 20, 2024

Barcelona hosts Full Stack Fest 2015

The massive programming event known as Full Stack Fest is on its way to Barcelona, Spain. It’ll be held between the 1st and 5th of September as a back-to-back dual conference marathon.

There will be 2 two-day single track events starting with Barcelona Ruby Conference and the Barcelona FutureJS conference right after that.

The Full Stack Fest is arguably one of the largest and most comprehensive programming conferences held in Europe each year. The 2015 dual event will bring forth a large roster of speakers covering numerous themes as well as several workshops.

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These workshops will be held on the third day of the conference in a sort of “intermission” between the Ruby event and the FutureJS segment.

Full Stack opens on September 1st at 8:30 am at the Auditori AXA conference venue in Barcelona. Both September 1st and 2nd will consist of the “Baruco” Ruby Conference. This will be followed by a series of workshops held on September 3rd with the FutureJS conference opening up registration on Friday the 4th and continuing into the evening of the 5th.

Tickets for the entire event are (as of this writing) selling for € 490 with tickets to each of the two different conferences (Ruby and FutureJS) selling for € 295 each.

As for the third day workshops, signups to each workshop are available separately on this page  and are either free to join or cost 100 Euros.

These workshops involve applied hands-on practice in various programming languages, Ruby and apps related themes with major industry experts.

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Assorted workshop themes include:

  • Full Stack Hack by Typeform I/O
  • Diving into Clojurescript by Joaquin Oltra
  • Creating a Real-Time Monitoring App for Twitter using React.JS by Erik Wendel and Kim Joar Bekkelund
  • Building Highly Scalable Web Apps with GO by Frances Campoy
  • Power up your Development with Rubymine/Webstorm by Tatiana Vasilyeva and Ekaterina Prigara
  • Presentation and Discussion: Evolving your Infrastructure for Scale by Louis Dunne
  • React on Rails by Vipul A M
  • Rallyscript: IOT, Node and Rasberries by Leif Terje Fonnes and Lars Soraas.

Check out the conference schedule to see which workshops cost money and which are free.

There are many speakers presenting at the main conference with a current list of about 40. You can view the full list here and check out who’s doing what on which days. Also check for updates on the official Twitter handle @fullstackfest.

Overall this is sure to be one awesome experience for anyone who simply loves development. If you’re interested be sure to grab a ticket ASAP.


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