July 18, 2024

Google Makes Changes To Its Core Ranking Algorithm

Google has recently confirmed that it has released a core ranking algorithm update. While many SEO experts and enthusiasts were assuming this to be the first step towards the Penguin update, it is not the case, and the new changes are part of a core ranking update. 

What is interesting is that Google, in general, does not confirm such updates. Google employees and Trends Analysts took to Twitter to talk about these updates, including the likes of Gary Illyes, John Mueller, and Zineb Ait. For instance, check out these tweets:

And another:

Yet another:

Note that many webmasters and SEO experts around the world have been waiting for the Penguin update, which was expected to arrive sometime this month. However, Penguin has been further delayed, and this core ranking algorithm update is what is on board.

How will these core search updates affect SEO practices is yet to be seen. Of late, Google has been coming up with direct pointers and ideas towards its core ranking ideology, such as the role of HTTPS in search results, etc.

What do you think of these new trends at Google in terms of Search Engine Optimization? Share your views in the comments below!

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