July 14, 2024

Google Maps App released for Apple Watch

Just recently Google announced a brand new application for the Apple Watch – Google Maps for watchOS.

This is meant to bring directions and location search right to your Apple Watch. TechCrunch wrote about this release:

Through an update to the Google Maps iOS app on the iTunes App Store, Google has quietly rolled out an Apple Watch version of its popular (and, even among Apple fans, often preferred) mapping application.

The new Watch app offers a simpler version of Google Maps compared to what’s available on smartphones, as it’s designed to work more as a companion app to the richer, more feature-rich smartphone counterpart.

You can quickly enter specific routes to travel or predefined destinations regardless of your location. The smaller screen obviously plays a factor here, but Google Maps for watchOS has been designed to run more efficiently in the limited space.

This is a turning sign for Google as we can see their development team taking things a little more seriously.

Where this will lead over the next few months is anyone’s guess. But for now anyone with an Apple Watch can rely on it as their primary GPS to get anywhere, anytime.


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