May 29, 2024

Honeypot connects talented Developers with Job Openings

It can be tough to find a worthwhile dev job even with references & experience. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a company or interview at the right time. But what if there was a way to have companies coming to you?

Honeypot made this idea a reality which has since blossomed into an invite-only network for professional developers and programmers.

Companies join Honeypot and scour their collection of developers looking for someone who fits their qualifications. There’s a very large need to fill mobile Android + iOS development positions, but frontend/backend web development is also in high demand.

Honeypot homepage

To get in you should request an invite and if accepted you’ll be able to fill out a whole profile of your knowledge and experience.

But this isn’t just some Craigslist directory – far from it.

Honeypot offers a Talent Rep to each person looking for work. They’re like a guide to help you find job offers, set up interviews, and hopefully land the best job to suit your current aspirations.

But even once you’ve been hired the fun doesn’t stop yet! If you remain on the job for 90+ days then Honeypot can send you a $1,000 signing bonus – almost sweeter than honey.

If you’re confused about the inner mechanisms of Honeypot just consult their FAQ page. It’s a very straightforward system meant to target the best mid-to-advanced developers currently seeking employment.

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