July 14, 2024

China iPhone Market Grows 75% Year-over-Year

Apple’s recent San Francisco event contained a whole lot of ravishing information for tech enthusiasts. But for business and marketing people, one fact mentioned by Tim Cook should stand out even more: China’s iPhone market has grown by 75% year-over-year.

This figure includes all of the Chinese mainland(including Hong Kong) along with Taiwan. Looking back to Q3 of September 2014 Apple has seen an increase of 112% in revenue from these geographic locations. And that’s only looking back at the iPhone 6 sales!

Tim Cook 75% sales

Going forward there may be a general slowdown as China’s economy may follow suit. But it seems that many people in China are fascinated by this mobile tech and wish to put their money into these areas of technological innovation.

This info was covered by Tim Cook in the Sept 9th Apple event which you can watch in full on YouTube, or from Apple’s website. To learn more about this you might also check out the related post on TechCrunch

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