April 23, 2024

Behavior-Driven JavaScript with Jasmine

There aren’t as many useful testing libraries as there are plugins for carousels and parallax effects. While this may not be a surprise, JS testing is still a vital part of the development process.

A tool named Jasmine to be found on GitHub offers all this functionality and more. It’s a behavior-driven JavaScript library which is completely DOM-less in nature.

This means you can run the testing framework based on user behaviors rather than specific elements in the DOM. The idea is to gather statistics that you might otherwise not consider. It’s specifically great as a standalone testing environment for projects like Node.js.

Jasmine JS

On the Jasmine landing page you’ll find documentation for all versions including a new Edge introduction page.

If you’re willing to check it out then definitely visit Jasmine on GitHub and download a copy. It takes a little acclimation but once you understand the library it’s all smooth sailing.

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