July 15, 2024
Jonnah Moreno

Jonnah Moreno’s Artwork Will Make You Use More Color In Design

Jonnah Moreno caught our eyes and made us fall in love with his art from the first sight. The richness of colors, diversity of textures and variety of shapes all make Jonnah Moreno’s art stand out in the crowd. Let’s find out more about the designer together.

  • Tell us something about you (a short bio).

Hi, it’s me Jonnah Moreno, and I am Graphic Designer from a small town in Chihuahua just north of México called “Ciudad Juárez”. 

I think that burrito is the most delicious thing.  I love to create using many colors.

  • Your work is based mostly on “designing humans.” What or who inspired you to focus your work on this specific niche?

Because I am a Photographer too, and I love to shoot Portraits, so for me mixing things gives me everything. I can mix my photo, my design, and my art with color.

Jonnah Moreno

  • We love the abundance of color you use in your designs. What makes you choose bright colors over black and white designs?

Thank you! Actually, it’s funny because I do not prepare a palette of colors to create the artwork, just work in black and white, the piece is giving me the color solution. It’s weird, but I like to work under the taste of the moment.

  • What is your design process like?

First I choose my muse to work on, then I imagine the shapes that I want to give in it, from texture, accommodation, composition, and then I begin to give color to my artwork. Something that works for me a lot is to use pure colors and mix with them together.

Jonnah Moreno

  • How do you stay updated with what is new in the design world?

I love being in all possible networks, and following people whose work I love and inspire me.

I also really like to be surprised by new artists and designers, which I can find anywhere from Instagram to behance.

  • Have you worked with any major brands? Describe your experience. What have you learned from them?

Not so many, I would love to do more, but with brands that embrace what I believe.

Jonnah Moreno

  • What is your favorite piece of work and why? How did you create it?

It is a very difficult question because in each of my projects I give 100% of me, so each one represents a stage and evolution of my work.

  • Who are your favorite 3 designers?

Ufff…. 1. Rik Oostenbroek 2. David Milan 3. Erik Jones and PLUS 4 Rodolfo Baquier.

  • What is something new that you learned as a designer in your past experience (jobs & internships)?

Never stop learning, always keep the desire to see something that blows your mind, challenge yourself every day, and never stop creating things.

Jonnah Moreno

  • Do you have enough free time for your family, friends and for your (other) hobbies?

Yes, I do. I like to have balances in my life, but if I were honest, I love creating all the time so for me, being out of my work area helps me to clear up to create new things.

  • Do you remember about your first project? Tell us about it.

Yes, it was in 2009 for a new magazine in the city, and I had already worked on things, but not on something like that. I made interiors for the cover of a magazine, and there I started to create and fall in love with the colors.

  • What do you think the future of graphic-design holds?

I do not know, every year it grows, it transforms, it evolves, I do not know what to expect from it, it’s something that excites me.

Jonnah Moreno

  • What are the technologies you think will stand out in the next few months and years?

The iPad for sure, and any device like that, because life becomes more simple, and we need things that come to make it so.

  • What were your biggest accomplishments in graphic-design?

Every year I’m surprised by new things, and I always want it to be that way. I’ve worked on projects that I never imagined doing, and I never want to lose that.

  • Novice designers go through a hard time when their work is not appreciated by the clients. What do you do if your client is not satisfied with your work? What would you advice beginner designers to do in such circumstances?

1. Know how to choose your clients well, know if you are what they need.

2. Get as much information as possible from the project to have a bigger picture.

3. Discover why you do not like it, and if it really communicates.

4. It’s not bad to erase everything and start over, but make your time worth it.

Jonnah Moreno

  • How do you achieve and maintain creativity?

uuufff … creating new things in general, creating phrases, ideas, projects, jokes, solutions, these are all for my creativity in an exercise of life.


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