June 20, 2024

Laracasts hosts the best Laravel PHP Screencasts

PHP developers already know the tremendous hurdle it takes to get into writing code. Beginners who only understand HTML/CSS will have an uphill battle – yet somewhere along the way it all starts to “click” and the process becomes so much more enjoyable.

But how do you deal with that initial hike up the mountain? And is there any way to make it slightly less miserable?

Laracasts is the alternative to browsing YouTube for videos to teach yourself programming. Laracasts is a premium resource with an incredible library of Laravel + PHP programming screencasts. You can browse through individual lessons for a certain topic, or even dive head-first into collections about higher-level topics like authentication or OOP.

Each video is put together much like the tutorials you’d find on YouTube, but they’re much more concise with a clear focus.

Laracasts will prove useful to developers at all skill levels. Nobody knows everything and to be a good developer you need to thirst for greater knowledge.

Laracasts homepage

The site is managed by Jeffrey Way who puts together screencasts based on his years of extensive knowledge in the PHP/Laravel community. Pricing starts as low as $9/month which is much cheaper than you’d pay for the same education anywhere else.

If you have time check out the Laracasts FAQ page to get a better understanding of how it all works.

You can also find more info on the Laracasts Facebook page or by visiting the official Twitter account @laracasts

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