May 28, 2024

NationJS Conference in Washington DC on November 13th

Over 250 developers will gather on the east coast in America’s capitol for a single day of JavaScript fun.

NationJS has turned into an annual event with many returning guests attending to share their wisdom during one of the day’s many talks.

Speakers include Justin Searls, Steve Kinney, and Julia Allyce just to name a few people.

NationJS conference

This one-day event runs on November 13th and tickets are still on sale. If you plan to attend be sure to order yours today before they all sell out.

While the final details of each talk are still being worked out, speakers have already been booked and the event is sure to be an exciting one!

If you can attend for the day be sure to and try to share as much as possible.

Those who can’t attend may still follow along with casual updates on Twitter @nationjs.

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