July 15, 2024

Must Haves: Resources for Creating a Website or Application

When you set out to create your very own website or app, you need to have the best tools and
resources at your disposal to achieve the best results. The right tool can really make the difference
between your website being a success or it being just another drop in the ocean.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the must have tools and resources for anyone
starting out with a website or application.

1. BeTheme


Muffin Group is a team of people that has dedicated their time to building some of the greatest themes
for WordPress available anywhere. Time and time again, Muffin Group have proven that they are not
afraid to reach for new horizons and experience with the latest technologies. More than once, their
gambit paid off. One of the best examples of this is their theme, BeTheme. This responsive, multi-
purpose WordPress template comes with more than 180 pre-made layouts with a one click installation
feature, 20 different header styles and the Muffin Builder that will allow you to create the website
you’ve always wanted easier than ever before. Even more so, some of the last updates to BeTheme have
focused on enhancing performance and speeding up your website. And the help Muffin Group provides
you doesn’t end there. You will also have one of the most powerful admin panels at your disposal and a
custom support service that works around the clock. You are guaranteed to receive a response to any
issue within 24 hours of submitting it.

2. Jupiter business WordPress theme


Introducing the fifth generation of the Jupiter Website builder. Loaded with powerful new features, the
new Jupiter business WordPress Theme will help businesses of any type step up their game. What is
new under the hood? The significant performance improvements are owed to code rewriting and a
brand new modular framework. The faster overall performance paired with file size reduction and a
faster page load time resulted in a reliable WordPress theme that was especially designed for the owner
and the user. It is, as of now, the only WordPress theme to score 95+ on Google PageSpeed. The shiny
new header styles allow customization for unique tweaks and styles. Adding a shop section is only a click
away, with the option to play around with colors, insert new fields or change up the layouts. If you have
a keen eye for details, you’ll welcome and profit from the new category showcase. This new tool will
allow you to own a neat looking website that will amaze your users and encourage them to explore,
read and buy more. Some of the success stories from customers working with this theme include tripled
sales, enhanced conversion and increased stay time. Jupiter has become the go to theme for many
digital agencies in the US. And sales figures indicate that 13% of Jupiter customers have bought more
than one license.

3. Unsplash


Are you on the lookout for some pictures for your website but can only seem to find the same boring,
stale stock photos that you’ve seen on a hundred other sites already? Then the answer to your problem
is Unsplash. This website provides you with access to amazing high resolution images that are
completely free for you to use. What’s more, if you subscribe to their emailing list, you’ll be notified
every 10 days of the new 10 pictures available.

4. PowerMockup


Creating wireframes is now a big part of creating and developing software applications or websites. With
more than eight hundred user interface elements, PowerMockup transforms your PowerPoint into a
sharper and more efficient tool for making a wireframe. Get ready to unleash your creativity and start
making mind blowing presentations from your first try. PowerMockup is highly intuitive and allows you
to make your own desktop, web and mobile prototype applications without leaving PowerPoint. A
simple and efficient add-on, PowerMockup will open directly into a library pane and will give you quick
access to dozens of mockup shapes and wireframes. Using it is incredibly simple. The Quick Search
feature makes sure you have everything you need right at your fingertips. As soon as you start typing,
suggestions will pop up, helping you find the desired element much faster. The Drag and Drop feature
lets you use the needed shapes in the blink of an eye, without worrying about loading time or additional

8. CloudCart


Win 12 months of free online store with CloudCart

Creating your very own online store can be a breeze or a nightmare. It all depends on the tools you use.
CloudCart is an eCommerce website builder that will help you create and release your website in 30
seconds. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: register an account, choose a template, add
your products and you can start selling. But that’s not all CloudCart offers, all the websites you create
with this tool will be SEO ready and mobile responsive. In addition to this, you will have access to a user
friendly builder that will allow you to customize your online store as you see fit without needing any
technical expertise. Also, CloudCart CHECKOUT is fully secure and PCI compliant and it is only one of the
many features that you’ll have access to while using CloudCart. Moreover, CloudCart offers you 24/7
support that is guaranteed to answer any questions you might have..

9. Wufoo


Need a form for your website? Then you need Wufoo. This simple to use, intuitive tool will help you to
create your very own form in no time. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements you need to
make up the form, Wufoo will do the rest. It will construct both the architecture and the database
needed to run the form and it will provide you with analytics to help you monitor the forms result and
make reports on the collected data.

10. Flat Icons


Flat Icons is an important resource in our current, increasing market of mobile applications and
websites. Some may choose to disregard having fine quality icons in their projects, but those who don’t
show both attention to detail and dedication to have their project be one of the best possible. To that
end, the bundles available on Flat Icons are some of the best you can find. They will work with any of
your projects thanks to their elegant and simplistic design. The bundles available on Flat Icons include
vector files that allow you to resize the icons without any loss of quality. And they come in an array of
formats: AI, EPS, PSD, SVG and PNG. What’s more, Flat Icons is offering a 15% off for all of their
products, all you have to do is use the coupon ‘bequick15’, but hurry, the coupon won’t be valid for long.

5. Swissuplabs


SwissUpLabs comprises a team of dedicated professionals passionate about marketing solutions. Their
new Magento extensions are the product of years of research and careful analysis on user behavior.
Take advantage of their powerful new releases to enhance your brand and finally get the exposure your
content deserves. Pairing top notch technological discoveries with an intuitive interface, SwissUpLabs
came up with two dozen extensions that will show you the sky’s the limit. If you are seeking to improve
your store’s usability, you’ll welcome the Ajax Pro extension. This clever tool will guide your users
through the entire shopping process without ever reloading the page. This way, you get rid of all the
boring steps the usual check-out involves and enhance the shopping experience of your visitors. You can
further improve your website by implementing the Products Questions extension. This will encourage
your readers to leave replies on products’ page, promoting a sense of openness and increasing sales
through a transparency policy. Visit https://swissuplabs.com/ right now and find out more.

6. actiTIME


If you’re ready to start managing work efficiently, you will fall in love with actiTIME. A helpful and
efficient tool, actiTIME offers its users a clear and detailed view on time expenses. This tool will help
small teams keep tabs on things easily and larger firms stay better organized. actiTIME is reliable and
flexible. It will allow you to always stay within the limits of your budget by sending you friendly
notifications concerning your expenses. Users will always have intuitive and comprehensive reports at
their fingertips to help them get a better grasp on team performance and budget control. One of the
bonus points of actiTIME is the clever mobile time tracking app. This enables users to use the software
on the go and stay up to date with the latest developments. actiTIME is integrated with QuickBooks,
which means you can effortlessly move all the data into the latter tool to do additional tax calculations,
payroll and invoicing.

7. actiPLANS


The success of a business lies in good organization and timely information. actiPLANS helps firms of all
sizes meet the needed criteria to reach their objectives and have more time to focus on important and
time sensitive matters. This leave time management tool is very intuitive and allows employees and
employers to better handle leave time. You can say goodbye to emailing your team back and forth just
to find out who is working on weekends and who is on vacation next month. actiPLANS makes sure
things run smoothly. Loaded with highly efficient functionality, actiPLANS provides detailed information
on who and when is taking a leave and when they are back, so you can always check up on your
resources. Never fall behind on work again. actiPLANS will help you stay on top of things at all times.
Whether you’re at your laptop or on the actiPLANS app, you’ll always have access to the latest updates.


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