April 23, 2024

NSScotland 2015 returns for Cocoa Devs on October 24th-25th

A two-day Cocoa development conference named NSScotland returns again in October of 2015. This conference is aimed at people who write in Objective-C on top of Cocoa of OS X & iOS applications.

The event will run from October 24th-25th as a weekend conference. This marks the fourth annual return of NSScotland since first launching in 2012.

Along with the two-day event of speakers and chow sessions there will also be a pre-conference Swift workshop on October 23rd.

NSScotland website

You can view the full schedule to see planned events and make your travel decisions.

A broad list of speakers will be attending which range from Mac developers to all touch-based iOS/watchOS programmers.

Tickets are still on sale so if you want to attend please grab yours today. Those who won’t be able to attend can follow live event updates on Twitter @nsscotland.


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