July 12, 2024

Opera Now Comes With Built-in Ad Blocking

Opera has updated its web browser for Windows and OS X devices, and the new version now comes with native ad blocking features. Opera claims that ad blocking boosts pagespeed by as much as 40%.

You can turn on ad blocking in the Settings section of the browser, and you can also specify exclusions for the ad blocker. Thereafter, as you browse the web, you will notice that ads are blocked by your web browser. 

To help you better understand this feature, here is a handy video:

Note that this feature is available in the Developer version only, as of now. However, with the inclusion of a native ad blocker, Opera now becomes the world’s first major web browser to offer an ad blocker by default. All others, such as Chrome and Firefox, rely on extensions to get the job done.

Advertisements tend to act as the main revenue channel for most websites and blogs, and the idea of users installing ad blockers might not be loved by many publishers. However, the removal of advertisements from web pages does enhance the browsing experience, and even boosts up the loading times for web pages.

You can download Opera Developer edition from this page.

What do you think of the native ad blocking features of Opera? Share your views in the comments below!

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