May 27, 2024

Real-Time Server Monitoring with PatrolServer

Often times problems with your server environment can occur from a lack of security updates. These exploits allow hackers to force their way into part of your server whether it’s a database setup, CMS dashboard, or raw access to server files.

A new webapp PatrolServer is meant to change all that. It’s a real-time monitoring service to detect changes or discrepancies on a server. This can of course relate to platforms like Apache or MySQL, but it also includes software like WordPress or Drupal.

All communication between servers is fully encrypted and your logs are stored on the backend of your account. PatrolServer’s FAQ page answers many common questions that beginners have about the service.

PatrolServer monitoring webapp

Whenever any piece of software is outdated or if there are any potential security threats, you’ll receive an e-mail from PatrolServer with further info. Often times you’ll be given steps regarding how to patch issues or updated any outdated versions of software.

The best part is that you can actually sign up for PatrolServer completely free of charge and maintain that free account with one root domain. This means you can test PatrolServer on any website and see if it provides any value to your workflow.

Their site includes a page of outdated software stats which you can also check against your own.

PatrolServer was made to keep the web safe and make life easier on webmasters. If it sounds like something you could use then why not try it out free of charge? You can also follow updates on Twitter @patrolserver.

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