June 5, 2023

Power up your website with a WordPress Form Plugin solution. Refer a buddy and get CaptainForm discounts


There are many ways you could enhance a WordPress website. One of them is by adding web forms.  A WordPress contact form will help you get in touch with your visitors, a WordPress feedback form or a WordPress survey allows you to gather suggestions or requests and with a WordPress quiz you can generate leads and engage your users. These are just a few examples. Certainly, there are many more types of web forms you can use to your advantage, depending on your specific needs.

So, it’s pretty clear that a WordPress form plugin is a must-have for powering up your WordPress website.

A smooth user experience, built-in functionality, great customer care and technical support- these sound like the features that a WordPress website owner would surely search for when choosing a WordPress form plugin.You can find these exact features and other awesome ones in CaptainForm.

CaptainForm’s advanced features include, but are not limited to a drag and drop editor, multiple form templates, different layout and styling options, easy data management, integration with various payment apps, email marketing apps, project management apps and more.

CaptainForm Features 1

CaptainForm Features 2

In terms of pricing you have 4 plans to choose from: a free one and 3 paid plans. And since we are talking about plans, support is provided for all users, irrespective of the plan they are on (paid or free).

If all this sounds great, you’ll be happy to hear about CaptainForm’s referral program: For each recommended friend that BUYS the product, you get a 10% discount at renewal and your recommended one gets another 10%. You can recommend as many friends as you want. The more, the merrier!

Referral Program

You simply have to submit your details in the provided form and you’ll receive a unique voucher code to distribute to your friends.

Check out CaptainForm and have fun form building!



  1. Lex Reply

    So many articles about wordpress, templates, plugins… As for me, I don’t like wordpress but it could be use for you business as free tool.

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