July 18, 2024
NOAH Watches

Product of the Week: NOAH Watches

Here on Webdesignledger, you know how we love our series. So today, we’ll be launching a new series called Product of the Week. In this new series, we’ll be going over some of our favorite IOT items that we think you’ll love, too. Designers, developers, and geeks alike will all love what we’re cooking up. So fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a ride.


To kick things off for this new and exciting series, we’re going to be taking a look at piece of tech that I think we all can appreciate: smart watches. But, the specific product we’re going to introduce you to is no simple smart watch. In fact, this new smart watch makes all the competition look like regular watches. Introducing NOAH Smart Hybrid Watches:

NOAH Watches

Who is NOAH?

NOAH, a Transilvania based tech company, is no stranger to making quality products. For the past few years, they have spent countless hours making sure that this watch is the perfect fit for whoever buys it. The Noah Smartwatch is the world’s first smartwatch to be completely encased in wood. Each external wooden case is handcrafted to perfection for a sophisticated and elegant look.


As you can see in the image above, there are quite a few options for customization so that each customer gets exactly the look they want. NOAH even took it a step further and thought about people with metal allergies, and ensured that no metal would touch the wrist of the wearer.

NOAH Watches

Beauty and intelligence

Although the wooden aspect of the watch is unique, it’s not the only unique feature NOAH came up with. The brains behind the creation of the watch came up with a technology that allows the face of the watch to look like a regular watch, while still maintaining all the cool tech a smart watch has. You’ll have the looks of an elegant watch while still being able to receive notifications about incoming calls and messages, information about the person calling, alarms, timers, step counters, and many other features available through the support app.

NOAH Watches

Think about how often you have to charge or change the battery on any of your devices. It doesn’t typically last very long, does it? This challenge was presented to the developers, and resolved quickly. They created a watch with more than a year of full functionality.


“We developed a partnership for implementing the new technology and the production of few

components with companies from Switzerland and Hong Kong, but the product design and the

assembly of the smart hybrid is handcrafted in-house. Each wooden case is polished and treated manually in a process that takes about 3 hours for each product.” – Ruben Perju, co-founder NOAH Watches

NOAH Watches NOAH Watches

Active and heritage for him or her

NOAH will start their new product off with two lines, active and heritage. The active line is for those who are always in motion, while the heritage is for those who are wanting more of an elegant look. In addition, the watches will have custom designs for him or her, each with 5 different cases, belt options, and colors.


If you’re interested in getting your hands on this one-of-a-kind smart watch, then you’re in luck. Their campaign is set to run for a total of 45 days where customers can purchase their watches at an impressive $169 for the limited number of watches that they have. After that campaign is over, the price goes up to $199.


We hope you enjoyed this first installment of product of the week here on Webdesignledger. It’s very exciting for us to be sharing our favorite products with you. If you’re interested in posts like this, and want to stay up to date with every to do with design, then be sure to follow along in our new series!


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