July 23, 2024

10 Productivity Playlists That Will Help You Focus And Get Stuff Done

There’s nothing quite like music.

I no it’s not just me when I say that I literally have a playlist for everything, and I mean everything.

I’ve got my running playlist, my boxing playlist, my “I’m on top of the world” playlist, and “I’m not crying, you’re crying your eyes out” playlist.

And what’s more intimate than sharing your personal playlist with another person? I mean, hot dang.

10 Productivity Playlists That Will Help You Focus And Get Stuff Done

Anywho, I am 100% off-topic, but the main idea here is that music is one of the best things that we humans created. And there are actually studies that link music we love to our levels of productivity.

And I know we all need a little extra kick of productivity in our lives right now, after so many weeks in quarantine.

So I’m going to share with you 10 different playlists that will help you focus.

How to Pick Out The Most Effective Playlist For You

Not every playlist on Spotify or Apple Music listed as “Productivity” will work for you.

There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration before hitting that play button.

But today I’m just going over one main question you need to ask regarding what playlist you’ll want to listen to.

Do you prefer lyrical or instrumental music?

This is the most important question that will determine whether you will be able to focus or get lost in a dance party.

For some people, listening to the top 100 pop songs will do the trick. For others, it will be classical, instrumental music.

I’m personally half-half, but it definitely depends on the project.

When I’m designing, I could be listening to anything, but most lyrical music because I love to sing along and it boosts my mood and hypes me up to do the best job that I could.

But if I need to be answering emails and talking to my team, I need something instrumental, because I can’t focus with hearing words in the background while trying to come up with my own.

Once you decide what type of music works best for you, then you can choose your playlist accodingly.

Personal Preference

Of course, personal preference of music genres come into play here.

Just because some people can focus while listening to Bach and classical piano, doesn’t mean you will be able to.

You might focus best while listening to screamo. You won’t know until you try it.

Now for the long-awaited playlists. Here are my top 10 favorite playlists for focusing.

1. Lo-fi

Lo-fi Playlist on Spotify

I personally work the absolute best to lo-fi.

It puts me in the best mood and I can really focus and lose myself in my writing.

Every once in a while, a lo-fi song will come on and have an inspiring message that makes me feel like I can run the world.

But mostly, it’s just instrumental with the best beats and gives me good vibes.

2. Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds Playlist

Sometimes when you’re cooped up in the house or office, you just want to go outside.

Sometimes, you can’t do that. So the best you can do is turn on your nature sounds playlist.

This playlist from Spotify is amazing. I personally like the sounds of birds and trees, but if you like stormy weather, or waterfalls or anything else, just type in nature sounds and see what you find!

3. Coffee Shop Sounds

Cafe Sounds Playlist

You know, sometimes music just doesn’t hit the spot. For some people.

Especially during quarantine, our new sense of normal is being at home all. the. time.

And for many of us, that means being alone all the time.

Maybe you want to feel like you’re in a coffee shop or somewhere in the town.

So, set up shop with a coffee next to a window and give this playlist a listen.

There’s nothing like hearing all the ambient noises of a coffee shop.

4. Coffee Shop Vibes

Coffee Shop Vibes Playlist

I love some chill coffee shop music.

Especially the jazzy kind.

If you just type in Coffee shop music in Spotify, you’ll find all sorts of different, chill music to listen to.

5. Focus Flow

Focus Flow Playlist

Focus Flow is another awesome playlist with instrumental tunes on it.

It’s got some really good instrumental hip-hop beats on it.

The only problem with this is that you might start free-styling after long enough.

But honestly, is that really the worst thing?

It could be your next talent for your next awkward team-building zoom call.

KIDDING. (or am I?)

6. Coffee Table Jazz

Coffee Table Jazz

What is it about Jazz that makes me feel so dang fancy?

After just five minutes of listening, I’m already coming out with the “Ba-da-beeeee Zoo-Zap-ah’s”

And everyone in my house wants me to stop.

I can, but I won’t.

This instrumental jazz playlist will help you focus, or make you want to start improv singing.

I will not be held responsible for any spontaneous singing.

7. Pop Instrumental Covers

Pop Covers Playlist

Like I said, I’m always in danger of starting a dance/karaoke party.

It’s my weakness.

And just like Michael Scott said, if that’s wrong, then lock me up.

To avoid losing focus, I sometimes put on instrumental versions of my favorite songs or acoustic versions just so I can hear the songs I like, but not get too caught up in the moment.

I said “too” caught up.

8. Classical Music

Classical Music Playlist

I was obsessed with classical music in high school, and every once in a while I love to turn it on when I work.

This is my personal favorite playlist to listen to.

Give it a go and see what you think!

9. Ambient Relaxation

Ambient Relaxation Playlist

Sometimes work is completely overwhelming and I get it.

I feel that way quite often.

This playlist relaxes me to my core and helps me focus.

Especially during this world wide pandemic, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so I highly recommend giving this playlist a shot.

10. Piano in the Background

Piano in the Background Playlist

And finally, we’ve reached our final playlist for today.

Sometimes I just want to listen to some relaxing piano in the background to help me focus.

It’s so relaxing you don’t even really notice it, but it will still help you get in the zone and feel productive.

I hope you found this list helpful!

We’re all adjusting to working from home and living life a lot differently from before.

Music can help keep you focused and change your life and overall mood.

Let me know if you found this list helpful and I would love to make another one!

Until next time everybody,

Stay creative!


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