July 17, 2024

Reviewing an Emerging Top Seller: Uncode Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

 Uncode is a premium ThemeForest multipurpose theme. Introduced in November 2015, it is has already gained a large following of satisfied users who find it highly innovative in its approach to website building.

Like many premium WordPress themes, Uncode features several powerful plugins, including Visual Composer, WooCommerce, and Revolution Slider.

 This however, is where any commonality with a majority of the other themes ends. Instead of relying on multiple modular features, Uncode combines modules and has built on them. The result is a theme consisting of fewer modules (28), yet a theme emphasizing a multiplicity of options. This approach has led to a WordPress theme that offers far more flexibility than most, which is an excellent reason for buying it.

Examples of Uncode Layouts that Come With the Theme

Creative Agency


Portfolio Metro


Blog Metro


Portfolio Agency


Creative Artist


Advanced Adaptive Grid System, Hierarchical options and many more

Uncode main features might be summed up with an equation: A Host of Options plus Innovative Functionality equals Extreme Flexibility.

This is what the Elite Authors had in mind; besides a few other things:

  • Uncode’s Advanced Adaptive Grid System is unparalleled in its flexibility as compared to other WordPress themes. This multiplicity of grid options enables designers to create any layout they desire, and to any level of detail when it comes to spacing, margins, gap settings, and design element and content positioning.


  • The Advanced Masonry/Isotope options are especially useful for portfolio and shop pages. Isotope builds on Masonry to create advanced layout modes that Masonry alone cannot accomplish. When coupled with a large number of design options, including animation, hovering, item spacing, scrolling, and more, these options allow the user to create any masonry, metro, or carousel format.
  • Uncode’s system of hierarchical options allows the user to group a number of options in a certain way, to serve a certain purpose, such as building a blog post page or a portfolio page. This approach gives the user tremendous control over a layout and its content.
  • The Native Header Solution makes using Revolution Slider or Layer Slider unnecessary for most applications, although both are included in the Uncode package. Instead, a full set of options are available to define header layouts and design elements, including font control, element alignment, parallax effects, and video. The Uncode Content Block works with Visual Composer when building a header.
  • Uncode as could be described as being a responsive theme, but that is not entirely accurate. One of the features of this theme is its Adaptive Images System. A web designer can either allow the system to automatically match the screen size of a device or define custom adaptive breakpoints to fit the screen size for a specific device.
  • Demos are easy to install, since they can be imported with a single click. More importantly, the user can decide which pages of a demo to use, and disregard the others. Any pre-built page can be imported at any time without having to import data (pages) that are not needed.
  • Other features include 16+ portfolio layouts, 1000+ handpicked items, 6 menu types, iLightbox, SEO optimization, and more.

What makes Uncode Stand Out from the Crowd


Instead of packaging together a large selection of module-based features, the Theme’s developers took a more innovative approach, and focused on user options instead. This approach involved combining modules and building on them; Visual Composer being but one example. The result was a theme with fewer modules, but many more options and hierarchical combinations of options.

Another difference would be the strict attention to detail the Elite Authors pursued. This surfaces in many places, but particularly in the clean and modern pre-built layouts. Uncode is a theme for which the term “pixel perfect” takes on real meaning, and is not simply a catchphrase.

The streamlined layouts perfectly match their intended purposes – photography, agency, blog, portfolio, etc. The overall performance is clean, powerful, sexy, and sweet. Everything is in its place, and functions as it was designed to do.

In meeting their goal of creating a theme emphasizing user options and precision in form and function, Uncode’s creators produced a product that differs from most due to the greater amount of design flexibility it gives to website builders. It also gives them complete control over the use of multiple options as they proceed with their work.

The Uncode Team


The Elite ThemeForest Author Team that is credited with creating Uncode consists of two devs who labored for 18 months to make this premium WordPress theme a reality. One of the team members is located in Sweden, and the other one works out of Italy. Nevertheless, they were able to transform their vision into reality.

The team’s strength does not lie in its numbers, but in its flair for innovation, their exceptional level of technical competency, and their ability to focus on attention to detail.

The product this two-man team developed is rich in innovative website-building techniques. Its focus is more on options than on features, giving the user with an unprecedented amount of design flexibility.

Since it is different in many ways from the more typical WordPress themes there is a learning curve, but there is nothing about this theme that a novice cannot handle.

Uncode is highly recommend for beginners and advanced users alike.



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  1. Hemang Rindani Reply

    Nice article. WordPress is a great content management system that can create powerful websites. The vast set of modules and themes help build complex websites effortlessly. The richness of WordPress makes it difficult to select a theme that suits the business expectations, however it is important to consider searching for a responsive, scalable and authenticated themes. Uncode is a pixel perfect multipurpose WordPress theme designed to provide a sophisticated yet attractive look. With Uncode there is a huge range of styled pages that can be customized further and create pages as per the requirements. Unlike other themes, Uncode utilizes Visual composer for back-end engine page creation that empowers developers with incredible flexibility. Apart from Uncode, Themeforest offers some amazing themes and frameworks that can be used to develop some great websites.

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