May 23, 2024

Curated Videos for UI Designers and Digital Artists

Designers love to hear other designers share their knowledge and tidbits of advice regarding the design indusry. You can hear this stuff at conferences, but those cost a lot of money and travel time.

The natural alternative would be videos posted online. But who has time to search through YouTube or Vimeo for an inspirational video on design. Well some people do and they’ve curated a growing list on the site

Screenings was created by Sacha Greif and it runs on Telescope, also created by Sacha. The website curates outstanding videos that cover specific topics relevant to illustrators, designers, animators, or typographers.

Screenings video homepage

I’ve found at least a dozen really cool videos from this site and continue to check back frequently. New videos are often very high quality and feature really cool, often obscure stuff.

Videos can be sorted by topic or by relevance(new, best, or short vids). There’s also a site search if you’re looking for a particular video or subject matter.

And if you find a sweet video while browsing the net you can always submit your treasure into Screenings. The list is hand-curated so only the best quality submissions will be accepted. But it’s always great to know you’ve contributed to the growing Screenings library of educational and truly inspiring videos.

To keep up with new site changes you can visit the Screenings Facebook page or follow the official Twitter account @ScreeningsIO.


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