July 15, 2024

Huffington Post gets a Redesign courtesy of Code and Theory

The popular online magazine Huffington Post is prepping to release a brand new redesign in early Q1 2016.

The project has been a collaboration between the Huffington Post team along with the creative agency Code and Theory. So far the design looks incredible and has caught the attention of many web design publications.

This news first broke at an Advertising Week event in NYC with comments from HuffPo’s CEO Jared Grusd.

The Huffington Post began working with creative agency Code and Theory on the publisher’s first-ever redesign in December, 2014. Code and Theory, who had previously spearheaded the digital transformations of Bloomberg, The Los Angeles Times, and Mashable, helped the publisher conceive of a radical digital strategy around the behaviors and preferences of the modern news consumer.

“The Huffington Post aims to be a forward-thinking journalistic platform for discussion and engagement,” said Jared Grusd, CEO of The Huffington Post. “Our design reinvention, a collaboration with Code and Theory, will help further accomplish this important goal.”

“The Huffington Post has evolved immensely in the past 10 years,” said Dan Gardner, Co-Founder of Code and Theory. “With this design, we are able to showcase the true wealth of content and data-driven intelligence that will advance the user experience.”

While this redesign won’t be visible on the site for a few months, you can still catch a glimpse of the preview screenshots released so far.

Click the following preview image to view a full animated GIF version which pans up-and-down to showcase the full redesign.

preview HuffPo redesign 2015


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