July 13, 2024

Custom-Built Digital Style Guides with Frontify

Designing a brand-heavy digital style guide is no easy task. This requires a bit of research and common sense into matching colors, fonts, logos/icons, and proportions.

Most designers are capable of such a task but it’s also very time-intensive. But companies that just need quick guides can now rely on Frontify Style Guide to generate their digital guides.

Frontify is a large application made for everything from digital mockups to wireframing. They just so happen to have a style guide tool that offers a very clean design process without much hassle.

Frontify preview

You sign up for free and manually input all the vital style guide information.

This can(and should) include a color palette, font choices, icons, logos, and possibly slogans or preferred web copy.

You’ll be able to generate a full style guide within minutes that serves it purpose accurately & professionally. While it’s true that a professional designer can offer more customization, these guides are more than enough for small businesses or new startups that don’t need to pay for complex style guide features.

Check out the Frontify landing page to see more examples and custom features.

They also have a brief 1 min Vimeo demo that should prove invaluably helpful:


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