June 20, 2024

3 Website Layouts that Effectively Sell a Single Product

It’s rare to come across an e-commerce website that has more page than sellable items. It’s much easier to design a single-page website anyway, resulting in cleaner code & a higher likelihood of to converting more sales.

Here are 3 stunning single-page websites that focus all of their efforts into selling one product with gusto.

Designmodo’s Qards

Okay, so Designmodo actually has thousands of webpages on its website. But Qards is one of only two themes available on their website and it’s represented with a totally unique single-webpage design.

The page explains Qard’s features using a scroll-snap navigation.

It’s such a beautiful website, but its unconventional full-creen card-style simplicity almost makes you think it’s not a website at all. Not many interactions are required to read content; mostly you sit back and scroll while the page visually walks you through Qards’ features with smooth GIFs and videos – then leaves you with only two buying options: single and agency.

Too many options can be confusing and off-putting. In this case simplicity wins.

Designmodo’s Qards

Macaw the Web Design Tool

One design trend that I truly detest is the almost uncontrollable need for some websites to use a generic full-screen stock image that drowns out the legibility of the text.

Macaw is one such site that uses a single fill colour in the background of each section – andto my delight, it doesn’t require any work to read the information.

At the end of their single-page website there is one image, however the text is fixed to the bottom of the block and sits on top of a semi-opaque black overlay.

While there isn’t anything wrong with full-screen images, many designers often forget to fine-tune the vividness to contrast nicely with text.

Macaw the Web Design Tool

Matias Gallipoli’s "Phones"

This example tackles selling with a very minimalist approach to both design & content. Phones is a brilliant example of how to sell something by letting the product do the talking.

Besides the the one word heading and a single sentence description, Matias Gallipoli sells "Phones" with nothing more than technical details. In fact, if you’re convinced by the first screen there really is no need to scroll down. I really wish that more single-webpage sites would do this.

Products always need further elaboration for the user to make an informed decision, but too often I see designers shoving too much information above-the-fold, or simply wasting this space with meaningless imagery and complex interactions.

Thankfully Phones is a different case and really helps to sell the PSD files.

Matias Gallipoli’s Phones

Based on these examples & your own experience surfing the net, what features do you think make up a well-designed single page product layout?


Daniel Schwarz is a full-time design writer and digital nomad. When he’s not writing about design and code he’s actually doing it(sometimes) at Airwalk Studios, a creative studio of which he's the founder. 24 years of age, originally from London.

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