May 23, 2024

Sketch 3.5.1 Has Been Released

Sketch has recently announced the release of Sketch 3.5, its latest major update that comes with many enhancements and bug fixes, especially in the domain of rendering and performance. Plus, Sketch 3.5 has shortly been followed by a small bug fix, Sketch 3.5.1 

Here is what Sketch 3.5.1 has to offer:

  • Better rendering performance
  • Better caching for multiple blended layers
  • The title of the Artboard now truncates, if too long
  • Sub-pixel anti-aliasing has now been turned off by default
  • You can now export slices in SketchTool using their ID
  • Several bug fixes and other improvements.

This update is free for users with a valid Sketch license, though if you have not already done so, you will need to transition your license, because Sketch is no longer available in the Mac App Store and can now only be purchased from its own site.


Sketch 3.5 requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher to run. Furthermore, as always, Sketch 3.5 files will not be backwards compatible with older versions of Sketch.

Sketch 3.5.1 fixes one minor bug that showed an error when importing PDF or EPS files copied via Illustrator.

Read the detailed notes here.

What do you think of Sketch 3.5.1? Share your views in the comments below.

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