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Sketch 3.7.2 Has Been Released

Sketch, the popular design tool for Mac users, has just released its newest version 3.7.2 Sketch 3.7.2 comes with several new features and bug fixes.

Sketch 3.5.1 Has Been Released

Sketch has recently announced the release of Sketch 3.5, its latest major update that comes with many enhancements and bug fixes, especially in the domain of rendering and performance. Plus, Sketch 3.5 has shortly been followed by a small bug fix, Sketch 3.5.1 

Design On iPad Pro With Morpholio Apps

We often see the latest and greatest of design software for desktop. Even though larger mobile screens are becoming more popular, it’s sometimes hard to imagine designing on anything else other that our visually spacious screens. However, a company named Morpholio is out to change that with its apps for the creative world. They offer…

Free Iconfont Plugin for Sketch App

The developer Kerem Sevencan recently put out a cool Sketch plugin for designers. It’s called Sketch Iconfont and it’s loaded with easily-accessible icons for UI design. Sketch is the UI designer’s alternative to Photoshop and it’s gained a lot of notability over the past year. Mac OS X users are flocking to Sketch for its…

Sketch Repo lists Free HQ Sketch App Resources

With the dozens of Photoshop and Illustrator freebie websites online, it should come as no surprise that Sketch users have felt a little behind the times. If you search websites like Behance or Dribbble you’re sure to find Sketch freebies. But why not assemble these resources into one neat collection? Sketch Repo comes with the…

Iconjar App organizes your Icon Library for Free

How many times have you been digging through folders in search of a particular icon or iconset? This has always been my traditional workflow, but it seems a new app Iconjar offers a sleek alternative. The program is only for Mac OS X 10.10 or later so unfortunately Windows & Linux users will have to…

Borrowing Sketch Styles from Similar Layers

Shared Styles, Text Styles, and Symbols in Sketch App bare a striking resemblance to the way that we use CSS classes in web design. They let us reuse sets of already-defined styles in an effort to save a few seconds in our workflow.

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