July 14, 2024

Iconjar App organizes your Icon Library for Free

How many times have you been digging through folders in search of a particular icon or iconset? This has always been my traditional workflow, but it seems a new app Iconjar offers a sleek alternative.

The program is only for Mac OS X 10.10 or later so unfortunately Windows & Linux users will have to look elsewhere. But for Mac users Iconjar is sure to be a staple in your design workflow.

You simply load up icons from various folders and assign them relative values like tags, iconset names, and other searchable criteria. The app connects directly into all design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and of course Sketch.

Iconjar homepage app

But I think the absolute best thing about Iconjar is that it’s completely free! As of this writing Iconjar is currently in Beta 0.6 release with a free download link for anyone willing to try it out. It’s been given high approval by various designers & agencies like Yummygum.

The biggest downside is that Iconjar does still function as a beta product, meaning there could be unknown issues and it may not be stable for a little while longer. But from current user reports it does seem stable enough to use on everyday projects, or to at least give it a shot and see how it functions.

If you wanna try it out visit the Iconjar homepage and download the most recent version. There is no official documentation yet, but you can keep up with release notes through the Iconjar blog while awaiting an official v1.0 release date.

Also you can follow Iconjar’s updates on Facebook or via Twitter @geticonjar.

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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