July 13, 2024

PHP North West 2015 Conference opens in Manchester

A fun three-day PHP event opens up the first weekend of October in Manchester, England. This is none other than PHP North West 2015 and it’s bound to be an incredible experience for anyone interested in PHP.

Over a dozens speakers are scheduled to attend talking about various subjects including PHP techniques, new frameworks, and the future of backend languages for web development.

You can learn more about the full PHPNW15 schedule on the website with full links to events, speakers, workshops and all the tantalizing food breaks.

Running for three days, this conference offers a lot in to the PHP community. Subjects range from the anticipated benefits of PHP7, HTTP 2.0, and other related technologies. Plus there’s an exciting Hackathon on October 2nd with an open participation for anyone interested.

PHP Northwest conference website

The list of speakers is practically endless with names from all around the world including Rob Allen, Beau Simensen, and PHP core contributor Andrea Faulds.

To sign up visit the registration page for ticket info & help with travel accomidations.

If you can’t make it this year be sure to stay up-to-date with PHP NW news via their main page or on Twitter @phpnw.


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