July 22, 2024

20 Best-Designed Software Landing Pages

Branding is closely related to marketing and website design is a huge aspect of digital marketing. Desktop software especially needs a great website because most people make their purchases online.

I’ve collected this set of websites & landing pages featuring quality designs made for selling software applications. If you plan to release your own software online it’ll definitely need a great-looking website. Follow along with these examples to pick up on trends worth integrating into your own design work.

Adobe After Effects

ae after effects website

Adobe Photoshop

ps photoshop cc website

Adobe Muse

animation parallax muse website

Toon Boom

toonboom studios storyboard


inkscape vector software


unity 3d website


houdini 3d software homepage


blender 3d homepage design


zbrush texture render software


keyshot 3d software website


autodesk autocad website


mozilla firefox website

Microsoft Office

ms microsoft office homepage


acronis backup software website


notepad++ software website


arcsoft studio software page

SketchUp Pro

sketch up software website


skype software chat homepage

FL Studio

fruity loops studio homepage

Corel Painter

corel painter software website

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

One Comment

  1. Irīna Puško Reply

    Nice article with many great examples.

    But not all of these examples are very user friendly after first impressions: SketchUp Pro mobile experience is not that great – the logo and the menu positioning is out of display view, so it makes hard to navigate through page.

    Blender mobile menu isn’t very user friendly as well, because once you open it through menu icon, you can’t close it with that icon. And one more minus is that in the landing page, if you are the top and you click on menu icon – menu items aren’t well-read, because melt together with the background because of menu transparency (when user scroll lower transparency is replaced with white background).

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