April 12, 2024

Stacklist Collects Business Apps for Startups

A new hand-curated website collects some of the best applications for businesses and organizes them based on features. The site is called Stacklist and it seems to be growing in popularity.

It’s meant to be a hand-curated guide of all potential tools out there from invoicing to CRM and project management. You can view a full list of categories to get the bigger picture.

Stacklist is completely free to use and new tools are added every month. You can search based on the tool you’re looking for(eg. accounting), or you can view pre-made stack lists.

Stacklist homepage

For example, one such list is named The Information which is a collection of tools employed by The Information. You get a chance to peek behind the curtain at some interesting startups & companies to see the general corporate stack they’re using.

While Stacklist does include typical development stack tools, it’s meant to focus primarily on business stack which is where the name derives from.

If you’d be interested definitely check out the site and view their current stacklists page to see what other companies are using.


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