July 19, 2024

Hacker Menu Delivers Hacker News to your Mac Menu Bar

The widely popular Hacker News site has gained notoriety for breaking stories related to the startup & programming sphere. Popular stories rise every day and it’s a very lively community.

Mac users now have the option to access Hacker News right from their native desktop.

Hacker Menu is a completely free open source project that moves Hacker News posts into your Mac menu bar. It’s easy to install and pulls out the latest feed with vote counts and comment details.

Hacker Menu for Mac

The project has been released for free on GitHub and has since gained a decent amount of attention. Similarly it appears the developers are hard at work to release similar applications for Linux and Windows machines.

When using the menu bar you’ll be given the option to track read posts based on highlights in the dropdown menu. This way you’ll always be able to tell which stories you’ve already read & which ones are brand new!

Be sure to have a peek at the Hacker Menu website to get a list of features. You can download straight from the website or pull from GitHub based on your own personal preferences.


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