Tag: Bohemian Coding

Mattericon drag-n-drop Material icons into Sketch

Sketch has so many components that it’s practically surpassing Photoshop’s 25-year run as graphics editor. The Sketch App fanbase is creative and passionate about extensions and apps that connect right into Sketch for an easier workflow. One such extension is Mattericon, an open source OS X application with drag-and-drop functionality. Mattericon lets you drag Material…

Borrowing Sketch Styles from Similar Layers

Shared Styles, Text Styles, and Symbols in Sketch App bare a striking resemblance to the way that we use CSS classes in web design. They let us reuse sets of already-defined styles in an effort to save a few seconds in our workflow.

Quick Tip: Mathematical Operations in Sketch

Whoever told you that you’d need math later on in life might be wrong in this case, because Sketch App takes care of all that math for you. If you’ve ever used a computer calculator then you already know how to speed up your workflow in Sketch by specifying values with formulas. Let’s look at…

An Easier.cc Way of Sharing Artboards in Sketch

What keeps Sketch App’s user interface so breezy is the fact that it’s not hideously over-run with features – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t build our own version of Sketch by installing plugins.

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