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100 Day UI Challenge by Paul Flavius Nechita

Improving any skill simply takes time and practice, and you can lengthen the former by increasing the latter. Some people take this idea to extremes by issuing themselves challenges. One great example is the icon-a-day challenge by Marko Stupić. With even half a year’s worth of time you can see dramatic improvements in your work…

Paper Kit UI brings Color to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one the most popular frontend HTML/CSS/JS dev frameworks on the market. It’s completely free and was originally based on Twitter’s UI design style. Over the years new features have been added to the library, yet it still follows a similar tone as the original design. Many sites created with Bootstrap function exceptionally well…

Dribbble Shots in every New Tab for Chrome and Firefox

An invite-only network of designers carries with it a certain weight of prestige. Dribbble is perhaps one of the more well-known portfolio sites with an incredible roster of designers. It offers an inspirational look at the live pulse of the design world. Popular shots are voted on by users and these tend to draw the…

34 Brilliant Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

The beauty of open source is built within the community, along with all the many derivative works to follow. Designers and developers can benefit from working with each other’s graphics and source codes to learn and produce higher-quality results. It offers a practical method to build websites and other projects that would need a solid…

10 Examples of Hand-Lettering Design Work

Hand-lettering is an artistic craft so beautiful that the bewilderment only makes it more alluring. Whether you’re a calligraphist or just an appreciator of the arts, these 10 examples of hand-lettering will surely arouse some internal curiosity.

Interview with Jacob Cass about JUST Creative & his Design Career

Jacob Cass is one of the most well-known designers specializing in branding/identities. He’s the founder of JUST Creative and has been working as a freelancer since 2007. His work includes a wide variety of projects from small businesses to a website redesign for Sweet’N Low.

22 Dark Form PSD Freebies for Web & UI Designers

If you’re new to Photoshop there is a lot you can learn by dissecting other PSD files. Professional designers work tirelessly creating beautiful graphics and sometimes release that work for free into the community. I especially love PSD freebies for websites because web design is such a broad topic that encompasses many interface features.

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