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Why Is Fontdeck Closing?

After nearly 6 years in operation, Fontdeck is retiring. The professional webfont service allowed designers the unique capability to preview fonts in their web design and therefore “test” the font before having to commit to a purchase. They were influential in the support of web foundries such as Fontsmith, Colophon, Jeremy Tankard and A2-Type, by…


Font Combiner can Reformat TTF/OTF files for the Web

Font Combiner is a free web tool used to customize, reuporpose, and publish fonts to get them ready for use on the web. Users have access to 100+ different free web fonts that are ready for customization. All you have to do is set your own parameters and publish the font files. Each creation will…


Blokk Font simulates text for Mockups & Wireframes

Most designers know about Lorem Ipsum but that’s not always best for lo-fi wireframes. UI design often does need typography to fill in the gaps, however the typographic choices can put the brakes on an otherwise smooth creative process. Instead consider trying BLOKK font for your next project. This is a free open source typeface…


39 Fonts for Typography Fanatics (Plus Hundreds of Extras)

Do you ever find yourself lying awake at night thinking about typography? Do your friends catch you analyzing menu fonts when you’re out to dinner? If so, you may be a font fanatic. It’s OK, I’m one too. And that’s how I know that you’re going to love this bundle just as much as I…


October Big Bundle: Over $1,300 in Fonts, Graphics & More For Only $39!

Creative Market is back with another amazing bundle of unbeatable design resources. For October, they’ve rounded up 73 items worth over $1,300, yours for just $39. Read on to see what’s included or jump straight to the bundle page for more information. Get These 3 Free Products Just for Sharing! To give you a little…


How Font Choices can Make or Break your Design

When you get down to brass tacks every website is really about content. And while video is a huge market, nothing can ever replace text. Books have made it this far and I don’t think books are fading out anytime soon.

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An Insane Design Bundle & Tons of Freebies!

I’m addicted to buying design resources. I admitted it. Thats the first step right? Purchasing these little goodies can be an expensive habit. Well, perhaps not anymore. Meet TheHungryJPEG.com. These guys offer a fantastic range of design products at affordable prices. Their latest July bundle includes a whopping 28 fonts, 19 amazing graphic packs plus tons…

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