May 23, 2024

Web Designers, Are You Seeking or Setting A Trend?

Web design is a process of conceptualizing and planning, using a set of HTML codes and JavaScript, to determine the layout, colours, style of text, images, graphic designs etc. Basically, it is creating the structure of a web page.

Current web design trends include:

Video backgrounds: major non-banking virtual wallets like PayPal and Squarespace (theirs is seriously great!) are making this switch. It is an innovation that can bid farewell to the image slider concept forever. However, the background video shouldn’t keep the customer or people visiting the web page, waiting. If the buffer is not instant, people will avoid visiting the site.

Grid layout: Pinterest’s grid layouts have certainly given web designers some inspiration. Businesses selling multiple products can use this idea, for a better user/customer experience. The idea is to make the users view each product one-by-one in an organised and logical way.

Grid layout

Large images and fonts: users today are extremely visually oriented. They would prefer a website with a simple and clear layout any day for their online transactions. Larger images and icons and clear-cut fonts which are easier to read do not appear “greek” to the eyes of the customer are always favoured. Banners and ads are to be avoided. ESPN is a good example.

Ghost buttons: the idea of ghost buttons can simply be explained by the display of “JARVIS” inside Tony Stark’s IronMan mask. This design element was made conventional by Apple in their IOS7. Ghost buttons are applicable when the only action needed to be performed is the one that this button offers. This is a partly futuristic design that offers a brilliant user experience. An example is that of the mobile app “XENDER”, used for wireless file transfer that has captured a major portion of the market, in spite of minimal marketing.

Gohst Buttons

Design trends have become exceptionally advanced and continue to grow in its sphere, with the increasing demands of the user for a simple and worthwhile user-experience. Search Engine Optimization is important to outrank your competitors in the business.

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