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Pinterest Launches New Design For Its iOS App

Pinterest, the popular social network, has recently revamped the design of its iOS app. The new version claims to be extra fast and extra clean, and focuses more on functionality and usability.

Card Design Is Taking Over

The card design is taking over, seen in website, mobile apps and games, it’s everywhere. Commonly referred to as tiles, or The Stack, it is dominating design due to its ease of use and familiarity. The design is not entirely new, Pinterest was one of the first to really layout content using cards. The main…

Search Visually with Pinterest’s New Tool

If you’ve ever seen something visually stimulating online and wondered where it came from, your thoughts have been heard. Pinterest is now making an effort helping you find the answer to that and many other visual-search related questions on its platform. They’ve recently released their crazy-fun new visual search tool. The new tool lets you…

Chris Spooner Interview on SpoonGraphics & Advice for Web Designers

The online blogosphere is full of websites talking about how to make websites. But there are also many niche topics like vector art, pattern design, and pixel-perfect icons. Chris Spooner has risen to fame through his popular digital design blog SpoonGraphics. He’s a very skilled designer with a focus on vector art and some interface…

30 Examples of Website Search Interface Design

Not many designers place enough focus on the benefits of creative search fields. For content-heavy websites most users will be prepared to search for what they’re looking for. If the search interface sucks then people will be forced to leave and hit Google, or worse… Ask Jeeves.

Namevine Instant Domain & Social Account Search

Common domain search engines can check if a domain name is free while offering potential alternatives. These tools are great and have worked well for decades. But in the modern era of web development we often need a little more. A domain isn’t always enough – most websites & webapps require social accounts on Twitter,…

Design Disruptors: A Documentary of the Design World at Major Tech Companies

We live in an era where design is prevalent and technology is a rapidly growing sector of the private workforce. Yet there’s a shocking absence of quality documentaries that peek into the design world. The team at InVision has worked diligently to create a new documentary named Design Disruptors. It looks at 15 different tech…

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