May 29, 2024

Card Design Is Taking Over

The card design is taking over, seen in website, mobile apps and games, it’s everywhere. Commonly referred to as tiles, or The Stack, it is dominating design due to its ease of use and familiarity. The design is not entirely new, Pinterest was one of the first to really layout content using cards. The main reason card design has become such a craze is because they have great compatibility with mobile screens and are one of the most aesthetically pleasing UI design for mobile users.

Card-Design Tinder

Card are particularly great for organizing content into neat little containers. Card can contain a variety of different elements like video, text, music, forms, data, social sharing, links or a combination of any of these. From a UX standpoint, this assist with wireframing as well, giving you the ability to quickly layout content card by card, this allowing for faster wireframing when it come to adapting content to multiple screens.

Card design web

Cards can contain different behaviors. In the same way you would handle a deck of card with your thumbs, you can adapt that usability to design giving the user something they are familiar with using. This gives a certain familiarity to the design of a mobile application or website. This is covered more in depth on UXPin’s Mobile Design Trends 2015 & 2016.
Pick up you phone and looks through you mobile apps and see how many apps you can find using card design. Share the best examples in the comments below.

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