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Monday.com – The Project Manager’s Paradise

Project management can be a time consuming and stressful job. Other than the fact that your entire team relies on you to make tough decisions and guide them on the path to success, you have to schedule and manage every project. monday.com exists to make project management a breeze. With a hefty list of features…

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How To Manage A Project and Not Lose Your Mind While Doing It

I find it a bit difficult to write this article because advising project managers on how to do their job better, is hard. First of all, every project is different so there really isn’t one solution to fit all. Second of all, these guys tell other people how to do their job for a living,…

5 Good Tools That Will Help You Collaborate Better

Design teams are usually made up of individuals having diverse yet complementary skills. Under proper leadership, they can do what is needed to ensure a project’s success. If not applied properly however, the skills they bring to the table can undermine the chances of a project’s success. A team leader’s role, is to take these individual…

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